Health Care Jobs

Find a Solid and Secure Career with Health Care Jobs

If you want or need to start a lifelong career, consider health care jobs. There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of health care jobs ranging from office jobs to jobs as nurses, doctors, technicians of all sorts, and in the business offices of hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. If you enjoy working with people, find medicine fascinating, there is no end to what you can train for as a health care worker.

All sorts of private or vocational schools, colleges, and universities offer training and degrees for health care jobs. The educational requirements vary according to the degree that one wants. Nursing jobs require anywhere from six weeks to four years of education, and sometimes more. A career as a physician requires much more education, and it can take anywhere from eight to ten years to get that MD. Technicians, like lab techs or respiratory technicians generally need two to four year degrees.

People can train for these jobs either as full time or part time students. Almost all jobs in health care require certification or licensing, depending on what the job entails. The more patient responsibility the job entails, the more difficult will be the licensing. As you look at the different careers in health care, take into account how much you enjoy studying. Almost all health care jobs entail continuing education, for which you may not be paid.

The job outlook for virtually all health care jobs is good to excellent. The pays vary from $12 an hour to hundreds of thousands a year, depending on the education completed and the degree awarded. People with health care training can work in all sorts of facilities: hospitals, hospices, care homes, medical centers, doctors’ offices, and research labs.

The benefit packages for health care jobs vary a great deal, depending on the type of worker. Most include health insurance and some kind of retirement program. The emotional rewards of helping people live healthier lives are worth a great deal, too, although one cannot accurately put a dollar value on job satisfaction.

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